• Rheostats – open, perforated cover, loading, eureka and kanthal wound
  • Demo Dynamo
  • Circuit Boards – Worcestor
  • Capacitance and Inductance Boxes (fixed and decade)
  • Solar Energy Kits
  • Resistance Coils – rectangular, hexagonal, circular, transparent tube
  • Meters – Moving Coil, Moving Iron, Desk, Portable and Watt, Spot Reflecting, Ballistic and De’ Arsonal Galvanometers, Inter-Scale Demonstration Meter
  • Potentiometer – single, two and ten wires, decade, dial, crompton, digital and vernier
  • Magnet Kit in Thermocole Case
  • Accessories for Potentiometers, Standard cell, Galvanometer and Volt Ratio box
  • Bridges – Wheatstone, Anderson, Maxwell, Schering, Wein’s, De Sauty and Kelvin Bridges
  • Plug and Dial Resistance Boxes, Carbon, Manganin and Constantan Resistors


  • Van de Graff generator
  • Gold Leaf electroscope
  • Accessories for Gold Leaf


  • Dissectible Transformer
  • Floating Ring Magnets
  • Induction Coil
  • Solenoids
  • Westminster Kit
  • Electromagnet
  • Bell
  • Oersteds Apparatus
  • Model of motor and dynamo
  • Morse Key


  • Round, Cylindrical, Bar, Horse shoe, Ball ended and ‘U’ shaped magnets
  • Pocket Compass
  • Ferrite, Alnico and Chrome steel magnets
  • Compass
  • Dip’s Circle