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The Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops (OSAW) as a pioneer in Scientific, Laboratory, Engineering, Defence and Research Instruments upholds an unmatched success story into Manufacturing, Supply and Exports, since 1919. OSAW was incorporated by Shri Nand Lal (An Alumini of J.J Thomson College, Now Known as IIT Roorkee) in 1919. In the early 19th Century, Idea of Manufacturing Scientific Equipment was ahead of its times and OSAW definitely enjoyed the first mover advantage in this sector for several decades. OSAW has been Sourcing and Supplying the Solutions and Instruments to various Educational Institutions, IIT’s, NIT’s, Engineering Colleges, Research Organisations, Defence Sector, Scientific Research Laboratories etc.

With a magnificent history of over nine decades, based on the R&D Inputs or Curriculum Requirements, OSAW has developed many New Experiments for B.Sc. (Physics), Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Laboratories.
Some of the in-demand products and best seller product segment of its times includes Microscope for School, Colleges, Universities or Industrial Research Centres, Bench Top Profile Projector, Metallurgical Specimen Polishing Machine (Single Spindle or Double Spindle), Brinell Microscope, Mounting Press, Spectrometers etc.

By Virtue of its Experience and Commitment, The Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops has not only gained a trust factor in its service segment, but also has created milestone journey of 9 Decades into Scientific Research and Laboratory Instruments, which marks it ahead of all competition with Precision in our Equipments and Perfection in our Business Values, to Deliver the Best. Bridging the Technical Innovation with Customer’s Requirements. OSAW since its Inception in 1919 has created the Benchmarks of Excellence and is always known for its Quality, Precision and Commitments.

OSAW India Since 1919

OSAW India Since its Incorporation in Year 1919 has been Pioneer Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Scientific Equipments, Laboratory (Lab) Equipment Supplier (Physics, Lab, Science Lab for Schools and Colleges, Engineering Labs, University Labs for BSc. / MSc.), Science Teaching Modules, Physics New Experiments, Agricultural, Agro and Food Processing Equipments and other Precision, Accurate and Sophisticated Equipment such as Moisture Meter (Agriculture), Kelvin Bridge (Physics), Measuring and Balance Equipments, Vernier Potentiometers, Instrument Testing Scale etc. (more…)


OSAW for past nine decades is pioneer Supplier and Exporter of Laboratory Equipment, Teaching Modules for Engineering Labs (Electronics, Electrical or Mechanical Laboratories), Physics and Biology Lab Instrument Supplies, New Experiments in Physics, Electronic or Electrical Instruments etc. Not only the University, Colleges or Schools from India are the OSAW’s buyers, company holds a great reputation and credibility in Exports of Lab Equipment Supplies. OSAW made a remarkable sales and established its reputation as trusted exporter in countries such as Ethiopia, Portugal, England, Germany, Iraq, Cyprus along with Gulf, Middle East, South Asia and South Africa. OSAW has been sourcing and supplying the Solutions and Instruments to various Educational Institutions, IIT’s, NIT’s, Engineering Colleges and Scientific Research Laboratories etc.
Based on the R&D Inputs or Curriculum Requirements, we have developed many New Experiments for B.Sc./M.Sc. (Physics), Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Laboratories.
Some of our in-demand products include Microscope for School, Colleges, Universities or Industrial Research Centers, Bench Top Profile Projector, Metallurgical Specimen Polishing Machine (Single Spindle or Double Spindle), Brinell Microscope, Mounting Press etc.


Whether its about Farming, Pre-Harvest Process, Post Harvest or Storage of food Grains, Use of Technology and Scientific Equipment in Agriculture proves to be miracle in terms of Productivity, Storage and Quality. OSAW which was once a well known brand for Moisture Meters and other Agricultural Instruments, with our recent extensive research and market analysis came with varied tools and instruments which are not only helpful to farmers for maintaining the productivity but also helpful for Agro and Food Processing Industry for its Storage and Maintaining the Quality Standards.

OSAW’s Agricultural Equipments

Some of the remarkable and prestigious Agricultural Supply Projects served by OSAW included supply of Seed Germinators to Myanmar, Garden Pruners and Sickles to Maldives, Bee Keeping Equipment to Lebanon (Through UN), Cream Separators and Milk Cans and Milk Butyrometers and Solar Kits to Sri Lanka.

OSAW Moisture Meter


OSAW (Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops) were suppliers to Army (Optical Instruments), Navy (Sextants, Battenburgs, Distance Meters and Naval Projectors), Air force (Bomb Shells, Bomb Shell Parts), Arms and Ammunition (Pistol and Revolver Parts), Field Guns and other sophisticated and precision defence equipment.
From 1991-2000, Small Pistol Parts were being Manufactured and Supplied by OSAW. Apart from that OSAW was also the supplier of Research Equipment, Precision Technology and Defence Instrument or Accessories in past few decades.  


OSAW Instruments had been used in Scientific Research Laboratories wide a wide range on customised requirements. With high precision and quality, OSAW had been a preferred choice of Precision, Accurate and Analytic Scientific Equipment and our R&D team while delivers the best of the products, after sales support and excellent technical assistance and troubleshooting always kept OSAW products as preferred choice over its competitors; Price Factor always been secondary to OSAW, foremost being the Quality and Commitment.

OSAW Associates

The Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops since its inception in 1919 has been a global player and pioneers into Scientific and Laboratory Instruments Supplies. In its journey of 98 Years, OSAW holds a great timeline and milestone growth and with the dedicated efforts and vision of the Founder Shri. Nand Lal, over hte years we have achieved the success and established a level of trust with our partners, associates and customers.
OSAW established itself again as pioneer exporter of Scientific Instruments for over six decades. The consistent efforts in Export have given the company numerous Export Excellence Awards.
OSAW holds a prestigious positioning and reputation as the trusted and quality delivering Brand in USA, Europe, Middle- East, South- East Asia and African Countries besides catering to our valued customers in India.
Our products are suited for both the competitive tender business, as well as customers in the premium segment requiring the highest Reliability, Quality and Safety.

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Eco Sea Water Battery

South Korea Researchers Develop Sea Water Battery

Researchers at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea will be working to develop a new Eco Sea Water Battery. UNIST will be working with public organisations in the energy sector to develop a new type of eco-friendly batteries that can store and produce electricity using seawater. By successfully securing five billion won in research funding over three years, the project is expected to accelerate the commercialisation of eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and high-stability seawater battery. This project’s consortium includes Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korea East-West Power Company Ltd. (EWP), and the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). For this project, KEPCO and EWP will provide three billion by 2019 and two billion won by 2018, respectively. UNIST has been leading the sea water battery research since 2014 with the government grants worth seven billion won. Sea water batteries use sodium, the sixth-most abundant element on earth, to generate electricity. This makes this system an attractive supplement to existing battery technologies. The new type of sea water battery is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than lithium and will, therefore, offer a low-cost route to large-scale energy storage. Moreover, the use of seawater can also considerably reduce fire risks, as it keeps the thermal fluid in good condition.

Seawater batteries operate without auxiliary loads or an external power supply, except for water and salt. Therefore, they can be applied as energy storage systems (ESS) for homes and industries or as emergency power supplies for large ships and nuclear power plants. Seawater batteries are similar to their lithium-ion cousins since they store energy in the same way. The battery extracts sodium ions from the seawater when it is charged with electrical energy and stores them within the cathode compartment. Upon electro-chemical discharge, sodium is released from the anode and reacts with water and oxygen from the seawater cathode to form sodium hydroxide. This process provide energy to power, for instance, an electric vehicle.

While seawater batteries are more cost-effective than lithium-ion batteries, they are not quite ready for commercial distribution. Part of the reason is that these batteries have relatively low electrical power. output. To overcome this, UNIST will help design a more optimised cell geometry and standardised procedures for the battery. Together with KEPCO, the research team at UNIST plans on building cells with various sizes and shapes, thereby enhancing the charge rate of the battery by 20 Wh. Generally, a small smartphone lithium-ion battery stores about 10 Wh.

With the support of KEPCO, UNIST will establish a testing facility to mass produce seawater batteries, as well as to develop a seawater battery pack that enhances the charge rate of the battery by connecting cells. By 2018, the joint research team will build a 10 Wh seawater battery pack at Ulsan Thermal Power Plant. 10 Wh is the average amount of energy required per day for a family of four.

“Once this battery is commercialised, we can lead the 47 trillion won worth, advanced energy storage devices market,” says Professor Youngsik Kim of Energy and Chemical Engineering at UNIST. “It will become one of the major growth engines in the future of our economy, contributing to the revitalisation of the new energy industry.”
Professor Youngsik Kim started a venture, called ‘4 to One’ in 2015 and has been producing and selling coin-shaped seawater batteries and test kits. Professor Kim has also transferred the solid ceramic electrolyte synthesis technique, one of the core materials of seawater batteries to a local SME, Ce&Chem Co. Ltd. in 2015. The company now produces over 100,000 solid ceramic electrolytes annually.

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India's Science Infrastructure Sharing Policy

India to have Science Infrastructure Sharing Policy

India is formulating Science Infrastructure Sharing Policy, so that R&D facilities do not remain limited to academia but are also accessed by industry, according to a senior bureaucrat of the Union Ministry of Science and Technology. “The idea is to create infrastructure which becomes shareable, which becomes sustainable and is also accessible to our industry. (more…)