Senior Kelvin Double Bridge


0.02 micro ohm to 1.1 ohms


  • Brand: OSAW
    Product: OSAW Senior Kelvin Double Bridge
  • Model: 29721
  • Usage: Industrial

Low Resistance Measurement (Bridges) [0.02 micro ohm to 1.1 ohms]

Provided with Sealed Oil Immersed Slide Wire for super smooth motion, Standard Resistance of Manganin Strip for carrying heavy current of the order of 25 Amperes.

Accessories of OSAW Kelvin Double Bridge

DC Sources:
Matching Units for the Kelvin Double Bridges, which eliminates the use of high current batteries.
Features: Economical, Easy to Handle, No Maintenance, Longer Life, Robust and Light, Continuously Variable, Mains Operated.
Conductor Attachments:
Wire holding device designed for the determination of resistance of cables and wires. Heavy terminals for current connections are provided. The potential contact points are designed so that conductor between them is exactly 50 cms.
Features: Handy Attachment, Sample Holding Capacity 42 SWG to 1/2″ Dia Rod, Separate Current and Potential Terminal Arrangements.

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