Digital Moisture Meter

OSAW Moisture Meter and Moisture Analysers are calibrated for Food Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Vegetable Seeds etc. Moisture Meter finds use in different phases of agriculture process and food processing steps which includes Harvesting, Drying, Storage and Milling. In lines to its Tag Line, “Precision in Perfection”, OSAW India delivers highly precise and accurate Moisture Meters for Farmers and Traders.


Agricultural Producers and Farmers knows that the key to high quality crop is proper moisture monitoring, whether the phase is Pre Harvest or Post Harvest. OSAW Digital Agro Moisture Meters are used to measure moisture content in Grains, Pulses, Seeds and Crop with high level of accuracy. It is based on the principle – Moisture Content is determined by measuring the Electrical Conductivity of the Material, which always is proportional to the percentage content of the Moisture.

  • Range: 8 to 40%
  • Accuracy: 0.2%
  • Display: 3 Seven Segment FND
  • Principle: Measurement of Resistance
  • Weight 10 Kg (Approx.)
  • Size: 30*17*20 Cms.
  • Power: 9V DC (6 Dry Cells R Type) or 230 V AC, 50 Hz Through Mains
  • Size: 30 * 17 * 20 cms.
  • Temperature Compension: Automatic
  • Features: Low Battery Indication, No need of code selection, Display of all Error Conditions and Communication with Printer / PC (Optional)

Why is Measuring the Moisture Content Important?
Accurate Moisture content testing is important step in managing and marketing food grains, pulses, oil seeds and paddy; Because depending on the purpose agricultural outputs has different ideal moisture contents. Inaccurate moisture content measurements lead to:

  • Extra Drying Cost and Harvesting Loss; Higher moisture content results in more losses from poor grain quality; while, lower moisture content results in more losses from shattering. Grains need to be dried to below 14%, and seeds should be dried to below 12%.
  • Spoilage if the grain is too wet in storage
  • Extra drying cost and loss of quality if paddy is dried too far
  • Lower head rice when milled at inappropriate Moisture content
  • Weight loss (loss in profit) if grains sold too dry

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10 Kg (Approx.)


30 * 17 * 20 CMS


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