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Scientific and Lab Equipment Supplier Since 1919

Precision in Perfection Since 1919

OSAW (The Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops) has been pioneer manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Scientific, Research and Lab Equipment Since 1919. Committed for Perfection, Precision and Manufacturing High Quality Lab Equipment Tools and Experiments for School Science Labs, Engineering or Science College Labs, Universities and Industrial or Research Laboratories. Due to our perfection in creating the best state of art products, value for commitments, timely delivery and excellent after-sales support, OSAW has acquired a prestigious reputation in Scientific, Laboratory and Research Equipment supply (Domestic and International Markets).

Industrial Equipments

Our Scientific, Research, Laboratory and Industrial Tools for Cable Testing and Transformer Testing includes Kelvin Bridge, Wheatstone Bridge, Wattmeter, Megohm Box, Insulation Tester, Cable Fault Locator, Portable Meters, Microscope for Wire Thickness Measurement etc.

Physics Lab Equipment

Experiments, Tools and Equipments for Phyiscs Labs in School, University or Science Colleges which includes Heat and Sound, Light, Electricity, Electronics, Magnetism, Mechanical Engineering, Propoerty of Matter, Quantum Physics etc.

Featured Products

Kelvin Double Bridge, Moisture Meter, Portable Moisture Meter, Oscillators, Potentiometers, Slide Wire, Digital Crompton, Precision Electronic Balance, Microscopes (Biological, Metallurgical and Pathological), Optical Spectrometer, Maxwell's Bridge, Desauty Bridge