Hall Cofficient of Semiconductor with Measurement of Hall Angle

Hall Probe (InAs – Hall Element), Hall Effect Setup with Digital Milli Voltmeter and constant Current probe power supply, 10 Kilo Gauss Electromagnet with power Supply, Digital Gauss meter and other Accessories i.e. Ge-Crystal ‘n’ & ‘p’ Type with their holder & stand

Four Probe Method and Determination of Energy Gap with Temperature

Set up consist of:
Four Probe Digital Power Supply with Built-in Oven Digital Voltmeter and a Constant Current Generator having 4 Digit LCD display for Simultaneous Measurement of Voltage, Current and Temperature.
Oven: Temperature Range: Ambient to 523K. / 250 Degree Centigrade
Oven Mains Operated 230/220V AC, 50Hz.
Digital Voltmeter Specifications: Range: ± 0-2.000 V, Resolution: ± 100µV
Accuracy: + 0.1% of Reading + 1 Digit 4 Digit LCD Display
Overload Indicator
Constant Current Source:
Current Range 0-20mA, Resolution 10 µA 4 Digit LCD Display Open circuit Voltage: 20V
Probe Arrangement: Four Individually Spring Loaded, Collinear and Equally Spaced Probes Mounted in a Teflon Bush, Crystal Fitted with Adjustable Arrangement for Crystal fitting.


Hall Effect Apparatus

Hall Effect set up having with Electromagnet with Digital Power Supply for Electromagnet, Digital Gauss Meter Hall Probe, n-type & p-type Ge-Crystal probe & Sample Holder.Provided with Digital Constant Current Source with Digital Milli Voltmeter.

Digital Millivoltmeter : 3 –1/2 Digits – 0-200mV digital Display. Accuracy : + 0.1% of reading + digit with Overload indication Constant Current Source : 0-20mA (Current) digital. Accuracy : + 0.2% of reading + 1digit Load regulation : 0.03% for 0 to full load It has Switch for reversal of Current Direction Electromagnet : 5K, 7.5K Or 10K Gauss at 100 mm – switch for filed reversal, any model on demand available. Power Supply : Fitted with filed intensity, digital power supply. Digital Gauss Meter : With Hall Probe Range : 0-5K, 7.5K, 10K or more Gauss with range selector All model available. Resolution : 0.1 Gauss at 0-2K gauss +. Accuracy : 0.5%