Resistance Boxes Plug Type - Bakelite; Constantan Coil; Manganin Coil

Plug and Dial Resistance Boxes – Exporter and Supplier

Heavy Brass, Thick Section Wooden Box with Bakelite and Manganin (An Alloy of typically 86% Copper, 12% Manganese and 2% Nickel) from Germany ensures that OSAW Plug type Resistance Boxes are so wear-tear Resistant that they last for over 40 years.  Manganin is a resistance alloy with moderate resistivity and low temperature coefficient, which was first developed by Edward Weston in 1892. Plug Type Resistance Box with Manganin Coil offers High Precision Quality. OSAW is pioneer manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Resistance Box, Resistance Coil, Plug and Dial Resistance Boxes, Carbon, Manganin and Constantan Resistors

Resistance Box Plug Type – Bakelite; Manganin Coil; Constantan Coil