• Steam Boiler with Water Gauge
  • Block Calorimeter
  • Wood and Metal Rods
  • Rods for Thermal Conductivity Experiments
  • Thermal Conductivity of Metals Apparatus
  • Ingen – Hausz’s Apparatus
  • Searle’s Apparatus for Thermal Conductivity of Copper


  • Convection in Water Apparatus
  • Convection in Air Apparatus


  • Hope’s Apparatus
  • Expansion of Liquids Apparatus
  • Ring and Ball
  • Bar and Gauge
  • Bar Breaking Apparatus

Charles Law Apparatus

  • Compound Bar
  • Linear Expansion Apparatus
  • Regnault Hygrometer


  • Copper Calorimeter
  • Bar Breaking Apparatus
  • Aluminium Calorimeter
  • Calorimeter Stirrer
  • Joule’s Calorimeter
  • Metal Block Calorimeter with heater

Heat Radiation

  • Radiation Kit
  • Radiant Heat Source
  • Constant Volume Air Thermometer
  • Crooks Radiometer
  • Jolly’s Apparatus

Heat Specific Capacity

  • Clement and Desormes Apparatus
  • Constant Flow Calorimeter
  • Capacity of Solids Apparatus
  • ‘J’ Apparatus

Thermo Emf

  • Thermocouple
  • Thermopile

Sound Equipment

  • Tuning Forks
  • Resonance boxes
  • Ripple tank
  • Slinky
  • Wave machine
  • Siren disc
  • Bell in and Bell jar
  • Sonometer
  • Resonance Apparatus
  • Sound And Waves

OSAW India also supply and export specially designed Heat Kits and Sound Kits, supplied in a box, containing all components to perform upto 10-15 experiments related to Heat (Conduction, Convection, Expansion, Radiation) and Sound (Waves, Resonance etc).

** The Above Described List is only Indicative and not Exhaustive. Contact OSAW India for inquiry or further information on customised and turnkey requirements.