Microscopes (Student and Medical)

  • Student Microscope, Medical Microscope (Four Objectives – 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X; With Oil Immersion; Movable Condensor; One Eye Piece)

Inclined Monocular

  • Four Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X, with oil immersion; With or Without  built in Light Source; Tube Rotatable 360 Degree)


  • With or Without Built in Light Source; With Binocular Head which has Adjustable Inter Pupillary Distance; Each Eyepiece can be Independently Focused


  • Microscope with Screens (Diameter 125/150 mm) for Demonstration to the Whole Class, with Halogen Bulb

Other Biology Lab Equipments and Accessories

  • Dissecting Sets
  • Plain Slides
  • Cover Slide
  • Dissecting Dishes
  • Slide Staining Dishes
  • Osmosis Apparatus
  • Photosynthesis Apparatus
  • Ganong’s Photometer
  • Staining Chemicals
  • Drying Chemicals
  • Slide Cabinets
  • Drying Press
  • Magnifiers
  • Overhead Projector with Screen
  • Slide Projector