OSAW for past nine decades is pioneer Supplier and Exporter of Laboratory Equipment, Teaching Modules for Engineering Labs (Electronics, Electrical or Mechanical Laboratories), Physics and Biology Lab Instrument Supplies, New Experiments in Physics, Electronic or Electrical Instruments etc. Not only the University, Colleges or Schools from India are the OSAW’s buyers, company holds a great reputation and credibility in Exports of Lab Equipment Supplies. OSAW made a remarkable sales and established its reputation as trusted exporter in countries such as Ethiopia, Portugal, England, Germany, Iraq, Cyprus along with Gulf, Middle East, South Asia and South Africa. OSAW has been sourcing and supplying the Solutions and Instruments to various Educational Institutions, IIT’s, NIT’s, Engineering Colleges and Scientific Research Laboratories etc.
Based on the R&D Inputs or Curriculum Requirements, we have developed many New Experiments for B.Sc./M.Sc. (Physics), Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Laboratories.
Some of our in-demand products include Microscope for School, Colleges, Universities or Industrial Research Centers, Bench Top Profile Projector, Metallurgical Specimen Polishing Machine (Single Spindle or Double Spindle), Brinell Microscope, Mounting Press etc.