Whether its about Farming, Pre-Harvest Process, Post Harvest or Storage of food Grains, Use of Technology and Scientific Equipment in Agriculture proves to be miracle in terms of Productivity, Storage and Quality. OSAW which was once a well known brand for Moisture Meters and other Agricultural Instruments, with our recent extensive research and market analysis came with varied tools and instruments which are not only helpful to farmers for maintaining the productivity but also helpful for Agro and Food Processing Industry for its Storage and Maintaining the Quality Standards.

OSAW’s Agricultural Equipments

Some of the remarkable and prestigious Agricultural Supply Projects served by OSAW included supply of Seed Germinators to Myanmar, Garden Pruners and Sickles to Maldives, Bee Keeping Equipment to Lebanon (Through UN), Cream Separators and Milk Cans and Milk Butyrometers and Solar Kits to Sri Lanka.

OSAW Moisture Meter