The Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops (OSAW) as a pioneer in Scientific, Laboratory, Engineering, Defence and Research Instruments upholds an unmatched success story into Manufacturing, Supply and Exports, since 1919. OSAW was incorporated by Shri Nand Lal (An Alumini of J.J Thomson College, Now Known as IIT Roorkee) in 1919. In the early 19th Century, Idea of Manufacturing Scientific Equipment was ahead of its times and OSAW definitely enjoyed the first mover advantage in this sector for several decades. OSAW has been Sourcing and Supplying the Solutions and Instruments to various Educational Institutions, IIT’s, NIT’s, Engineering Colleges, Research Organisations, Defence Sector, Scientific Research Laboratories etc.

With a magnificent history of over nine decades, based on the R&D Inputs or Curriculum Requirements, OSAW has developed many New Experiments for B.Sc. (Physics), Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Laboratories.
Some of the in-demand products and best seller product segment of its times includes Microscope for School, Colleges, Universities or Industrial Research Centres, Bench Top Profile Projector, Metallurgical Specimen Polishing Machine (Single Spindle or Double Spindle), Brinell Microscope, Mounting Press, Spectrometers etc.

By Virtue of its Experience and Commitment, The Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops has not only gained a trust factor in its service segment, but also has created milestone journey of 9 Decades into Scientific Research and Laboratory Instruments, which marks it ahead of all competition with Precision in our Equipments and Perfection in our Business Values, to Deliver the Best. Bridging the Technical Innovation with Customer’s Requirements. OSAW since its Inception in 1919 has created the Benchmarks of Excellence and is always known for its Quality, Precision and Commitments.