OSAW Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter – Need of Revolutionary Agro Sector

Implementation and Use of Scientific and Agricultural Instruments in Farming  (Pre-Harvest, Post-Harvest in different phases of Agricultural Pro including Crop Selection, Land Preparation, Seed Selection, Seed Sowing, Irrigation, Crop Growth, Fertilizing and Harvesting) and Food Storage has been a proven methodology across globe for better Agricultural Outputs, Qualitative and Quantitative Productions, Saves Time, Maintains Quality and enhanced Shelf Life, High on Nutrient Values and Avoids Wastage during Storage. Innovations in Agriculture, Agro and Food Processing Sector is a need of hour in country like India where the GDP of Country greatly depends on Agricultural efficiency and outputs. OSAW’s Extensive Research and Development Wing had developed several tools which had helped farmers, food storage and food processing units to get enhanced outputs. A High Precision Digital Moisture Meter, which is a milestone product for revolutionary initiative into Agro-Agricultural sector was developed by OSAW as a masterstroke product almost 4 decades back and is widely used by Fermers, Agriculturalists, Horticulturalist, Bulk Food Grain Buyers, Traders or Suppliers and Food Storage Companies to analyze the moisture content in the food grains.

Due to high moisture content in Food Grains, Paddy, Oil Seeds, its a evident fact that there is lot of wastage and spoilage during the storage. OSAW Moisture Meter helps the Traders, Storage Units, Retail Stores to measure the Moisture Content in the Agricultural Produce so that they may take initiatives for the proper storage conditions for the Food Grains and ensure their longer shelf life.

Principle of Operations:
The determination is based on the electric conductivity of moist material which is directly proportional to the amount of moisture contained in it and on the temperature

OSAW Moisture Meter have the Following Essential Parts:

Mechanical Parts:
It consists of a compression unit for compressing the test material placed in an insulated test cup, under a fixed steel plunger. In order to compress the test material, the test cup is slowly raised upwards against the fixed steel plungers by a system of Bevel gears. The steel plunger snugly fits into the test cup and the test material is placed in it suffers compression as the cup moves againt the steel plunger under applied pressure.
The necessary pressure applied to the test material compresses it to the desired thickness setting. The thickness is accurately measured by the system of two correlated scales which comprises of a vertical mounted scale coupled with a micrometer scale.

Electronic Unit:
The complete electrical and electronic circuitry is housed in a specifically designed metallic box fitted to the stout metallic base of the instrument. The bettery or the battery eliminating device is also housed safely besides this unit inside the box. An electrical meter, a circular concentric set of metallic dials known as correlator dial and the necessary knobs, switches etc. are fitted to the top panel of this electronic unit.

Three models of OSAW Digital Moisture Meter, namely Battery Operated, AC Mains Operated and Mains cum Battery Operated are available.